Hutton Klein Mineral Sunscreen

People believe in the significance of adequate sun exposure for vitamin D production and use certain products to protect their skin from sun harm from the inside out, long periods of direct sun exposure unquestionably do require sunscreen. There are many sunscreen choices on the market these days. The important thing to consider is whether to choose a chemical sunscreen or a natural mineral sunscreen.  Our HK Smoothing Mineral Sunscreen which contains SPF 40 offers full spectrum UVA/UVB protection. This mineral sunscreen is a chemical free formula, with watery resistance, oil and PABA free. All natural mineral based, this mineral sunscreen’s active ingredient does not absorb into the skin, instead, it acts as a protective layer over your surface, reflecting beams like a mirror. Our HK Mineral Sunscreen starts protecting your skin immediately after application. Less irritating to sensitive skin than most other formulas.

  • Full Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection 

  • All Natural Mineral Based Sunscreen 

  • Chemical Free Formula

  • Very Water Resistant 

  • Oil and Paba Free 

  • SPF 40 

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