Hutton Klein Pore Minimizer

Innate qualities determine pore size. Factors like dead skin cells, oily skin, aging, trapped sebum, and UV exposure add to making pores even more noticeable but, except for laser treatment, you can’t make pores smaller. Don't feel bad because you can reduce the appearance of pores. It’s time to stop concealing those pores and begin treating them with HK Skin Care Pore Minimizer. A soothing toner, HK Pore Minimizer helps eliminate any residue, cleanse and minimize the appearance of deep pores. It also prepares the skin for nutritional moisturizing. Pore minimizing products don’t just cover up large clogged pores. They treat them by removing built-up dirt and oil and by firming skin. The result is smaller, more refined pores. HK Pore Minimizers even help fight the signs of aging. Our HK Skin Care Pore Minimizer Benefits:

  • Suitable for blemished skin.
  • Helps minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Eliminates any residue.
  • Aids in absorbing excess oil.
  • Size 6 fl oz. 

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