The Ultimate 5-Step Anti-Aging Skincare Routine – Nighttime

March 01, 2019

The Ultimate 5-Step Anti-Aging Skincare Routine – Nighttime

As you get older, many things seem to be taking a turn for the better. You are getting much more confident, your career is shaping up, and your life is starting to make sense. Everything seems to be going great.

At this point, wrinkles are the last thing you want to deal with. You’re in the actual prime of your life – so you do not want it hindered by saggy-looking skin with dark circles and age lines. You want it to look young for as long as possible.

There is no magical treatment for that. However, you can delay the inevitable by adding the right anti-aging products into your routine. Therefore, instead of showing your first aging signs in your 30s, they may show well over your 50s. It just depends on how efficiently you take care of your skin.

1. Start by Cleansing Your Skin

Regardless of the skin type that you have, cleansing should never be absent from your daily routine. However, its consistency will depend on your skin type: if your skin is visibly aging, a cream cleanser might be a sound choice for you. The more advanced your age is, the more you have to focus on products that provide moisture to your skin.
On the other hand, if your skin still looks relatively young and your purpose is to prevent, then you can go for a foaming cleanser. One example of a good cleanser would be the Hutton Klein Facial Cleanser, a naturally-derived formula that will remove any makeup and impurities from your skin. Plus, its foaming texture is very light on the skin.


2. Use a Skin Toner

Toners have been on the market for quite some time – and the purpose of such  products are to restore the pH level of your skin after it had been washed with a cleanser.
The cleanser lowers your pH levels – so it’s the toner’s job to bring it back to normal.
Generally speaking, if your cleanser already has a low pH, then you don’t really need the toner. However, it is never a bad idea to be on the safe side. A good toner to use would be the Hutton Klein Pore Minimizer – a product that will restore the pH levels and help minimize the aspect of your pores. Plus, since it aids in absorbing any excess residue, it is perfect for oily and combination skin as well.


3. Don’t Forget about Eye Care

One thing that most people keep forgetting about is eye cream. They would use a regular cream – and likely just stop around the eyes. However, you must know that the skin that surrounds the eye is 40% thinner – which means that it will require some extra attention. This is even more concerning as you get older since aging skin is more fragile.
The Hutton Klein Eye Cream is something that should help you out in this scenario. Not only can this cream smooth any existent lines or wrinkles, but it can also lighten up your dark circles and soothe your puffy eyes. It will allow you to restore radiance to your delicate eye area.


4. Moisturize with Botanically Derived Skincare Products

Aging skin is constantly battling with moisture loss – which is why you need to be careful that you keep the aging skin moisturized. Ideally, you may want to look for anti-aging products that have a natural formula and that can repair your aging skin efficiently.
The Hutton Klein Night Cream, for instance, can provide that special treatment while you are simply dozing off. It has the ability to boost the collagen of your skin, providing deep moisture in a natural manner. It is a cream that will restore your youthful complexion – and you won’t even know it’s happening, because you would be sleeping.


5. Focus on Lip Care

A lot of people seem to be ignoring the lips nowadays – but without lip care, you would have fabulous-looking skin and lips that are cracking under the sun. If your lips are not properly tended to, not even the lipstick will stick the way that it should.
Considering that your lips are also very delicate, you will have to ensure that their care is included in your natural skin care routine.
You can easily do this by using the Hutton Klein HK45 Lip Balm. It can be used day and night, it promotes fast-healing, and it does not have any chemical artificial sunscreens. Plus, it is water resistant with a broad spectrum, so it should be able to last on your lips for a fairly long time.


The Bottom Line

If you want to keep your skin looking youthful for as long as possible, you will have to give it some help: follow a proper skincare routine and add the right anti-aging products. The results won’t be seen immediately – but they will definitely be clear when your 35-year old self will be constantly confused with someone in their 20s.

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