3 Benefits of Using Botanically-Derived Skincare Products

March 01, 2019

3 Benefits of Using Botanically-Derived Skincare Products

Botanical extracts have been used for centuries by humans due to their amazing beauty powers and their ability to make the skin look healthy and vibrant. Before the use of synthetic substances that mimic the properties of plant extracts, from as early as 300 B.C., plants were the primary source of cosmetics.
Today, one of the fastest growing sectors in the cosmetic industry is cosmeceuticals, with most people showing a fervent interest in natural skincare products due to their perceived safety.  In low concentrations, organic plant ingredients are more effective and less reactive than their synthetic counterparts. You are probably wondering how plant extracts are turned into potent and effective cosmetic products. Here’s how.

How are botanically-derived skincare products developed?

To achieve optimal medical care, botanical products are developed by well-known dermatologists using botanical science, a scientific method that includes natural ingredients from plant extracts and oils in skincare products.
Usually, the ingredients in these products are not processed and they have been grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. This kind of organic growth makes them excellent additions to your skin care routine. Natural skin products are perfect for your skin because:
  • Throughout evolution, our bodies have been programmed to respond better to botanicals that are naturally occurring with minimal reaction, making them the best non-irritant skin products.
  • Botanical extracts, when combined scientifically, smell better and this eliminates the need for harmful artificial fragrances.
Still not convinced? Below are the top benefits that your skin can reap from natural skincare products.

Benefits of using botanically derived skincare products

When harnessed in the right way, botanicals can do wonders for your skin. Let’s look at some of their amazing benefits.


Antioxidant Benefits

Oxidation is a process through which the body transfers hydrogen from one molecule to another, and this aids in providing the body with usable energy. The production of energy and other metabolic processes leads to the formation of free radical cells. These cells “steal” electrons from living cells.
Free radical cells alter DNA, lipids, and proteins which leads to aging and triggers disease. When they accumulate in the body, oxidative stress ensues. As a result, your body needs antioxidants, not to prevent oxidation, fine lines, or lose skin; but to fight free radicals and aid in collagen synthesis, which slows down aging and prevents wrinkling.
Plants extracts and oils such as Hutton Klein Day Cream are powerful, natural antioxidants because they thrive in constant direct contact with UV rays from the sun, which are earth’s most powerful manufacturers of free radical cells.

Inflammation Reduction and Wound Healing

Botanically-derived skincare products have anti-irritating properties which help to soothe the skin as well as calm redness in acne-prone skin. Inflammation on the skin due to wounds or acne triggers anti-inflammatory responses, which in turn, increase the number of free radicals on the wounded area.
If your wounds have been healing slowly, natural skin products that are packed with Vitamin C could be the solution you need. These products limit the number of free radicals on a wound site, stimulate the production of epidermal barriers that heal wounds, as well as reduce scarring.

Gentle on the Skin

One of the top reasons you need botanical products is gentle skincare. Many a times, we tend to try synthetic products that combine many ingredients, most of which cause violent reactions on the skin.
Since botanical products are made with extracts (which are usually concentrated) only small amounts are needed to offer maximum benefits. Besides, dermatologist scientifically mix the products, which guarantees no reactions unless you are allergic to one ingredient. For instance, this sunscreen is botanically derived and developed by well-known dermatologists in Orange County, CA. Generally, botanically-derived skin products are gentler on the skin because they are better absorbed by the body than their unnatural counterparts.

Why do botanically based skin products work?

Botanically based skincare products are derived from plants that have been grown organically, and harvested without the use of pesticides and chemicals. This means that to reach maturity, these plants have withstood diseases by acquiring anti-microbial and antibacterial properties to battle diseases and pests, as well as formed natural anti-oxidants which prevent them from being damaged by UV rays. Additionally, they have gained the ability to bind water in their cells, which prevents them from dying.
These antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-oxidant, hydrating properties, when introduced to your skin in their natural state, offer your skin the same resistance that the plant gained till it reached maturity. The most important aspect to their effectiveness is that they are mixed by qualified scientists and skincare experts, who ensure the right ratios for maximum effectiveness. If you have been having problems with your current skincare routine why not give gentle skincare a go?

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