Hutton Klein Night Cream

You may find that your skin requires special treatment while you're dozing – maybe your environment is dehydrating, or you wake up looking dreary? It's worth taking time to build up your skin's night time needs. Cleanse in the evening using this cream - when you wake up, head directly to the mirror and look closely at your face. Do you have any dry patches? Does your complexion look red or feel delicate? Or does your skin feel slick and congested? In this case, you should select for something balancing. HK Night Cream is an advanced alpha-hydroxy skin renewal treatment providing deep, penetrating moisture while firming, smoothing and lessening the appearance of fine lines and using licorice root extract to bleach age spots.

Our HK Night Cream Benefits:

  • Keeps your face hydrated.
  • Boosts collagen in your skin.
  • Prevents your skin from sagging.
  • Provides deeply penetrating moisture.
  • Size 2.0 oz

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